Monday, October 15, 2012

Well, sometimes you have to stop sailing and take care of things at home.  Both of our cruising trips were preceded by a quick-fix project of nailing a new tarp on the old garage roof.  Now is the time to really do something about that GARAGE!
Here we are ripping off the layers of old tarps and replacing with a sheet metal roof.  We hired a great friend--Charlie Boardman--to help us know what needed to be re-built and what could be saved.  And then to teach us how to do it!  We started in the middle of September (2012) and finished a month later.

As you can see--lots needed to be replaced.  This is Charlie on the ladder.

And here's the new roof going on over the old one.  John and Charlie are up there together---such a team!

Then new hardie board


Then new hardie board was added.

Charlie added the new people door on the side.  John and I assembled and installed the big car door on the end.

Finally we painted and painted!


So---now let's do someting else.  Think we will go camping in the handy dandy camper John made for our minivan.  Yay!