Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Tuesday, July 9th we drove to Moncton, New Brunswick to witness the Bay of Fundy's Tidal Bore.  As we sat in the little viewing park in downtown Moncton, we couldn't image that this little 15 inch wave could be much.  But, when it came whipping around the corner and past us--we were impressed--have never seen anything quite like it.  Pictures just don't tell the whole story.

Shopping in Moncton, New Brunswick waiting for the Tidal Bore.

Tidal Bore viewing area--we all wait patiently!

John wanders around taking pictures and I sit.

So here it is whipping along filling the narrow bay with water.

Would have liked to be out there in a kayak.

That afternoon we drove to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We took the scenic route along the coast and it was beautiful.  John bid on a hotel room on and we scored a fabulous Mariott room right on the waterfront--yay!

The harbour in front of our hotel was full of all kinds of boats.  This is a double ended ferry boat.  Without ever turning around it's always going forward (or backward) depending on how you see things.

Water Street in Halifax right beside our hotel.

Up the hill from Water Street is Argyle Street and lots of nice eateries.  We stopped here at the Economy Shoe Store , had some snacks and drinks and played dominoes.  

Nice boat in the Halifax Harbour

And nice sailboats too.

This one has a load of tourists out for a sunset cruise.

View of our waterfront hotel from the walkway.  Apparently these walkways or skyways are great things in the cold, wet Halifax winters.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Rockport, ME with Phil and Lyn

Downtown Camden, ME with Lyn and Phil

Lunch on the Camden waterfront with Phil and Lyn

View of Camden waterfront from the top of the mountain.

Another view of Camden waterfront/bay.

Phil, Penny and Lyn

John at Bar Harbour waterfront.

Impressive four-masted schooner at Bar Harbour, ME

Penny making her way down to the Fundy Bay tidal flats to walk among the "flower pots" at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick.

John with the "flower pots"

John on the tidal flats waiting for the approaching tide--yikes!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting ready for the 4th of July

Dozens of Cousins at annual meeting July 3, 2013

Elfin Lake full of cousins.  Granddaughter Clara is jumping from the dock as daughter Karen watches from her float chair.

John relaxing before the crowds of cousins arrive.  There are cows wading down at the south end of the lake--no problem--it's a spring fed lake that drains out down there where the cows are!

Brother Tim, me, my sister Nancy and Mom.

New beach dress from the local Family Dollar.

It's a Ferguson Zoo and we love it!
Our cottage on the right.  Mom, Nancy and Tom on the left.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ahhh Vermont!   Last night the rain on the metal roof sang us to sleep and this morning the sun came out as we sat on the porch sipping coffee.  Yay!  Happy, happy, happy!

The Ferguson Family is gathering for our annual 4th of July reunion in Vermont.  My mom (who is a very independent 96 years old) is camping in the cabin next door with my sister and brother-in-law, Nancy and Tom, from Tucson, AZ.  Our daughter Karen, her husband Drew and our granddaughter Clara are staying here in Middle Cottage.  We miss son Finley this year (had to stay in Greensboro and work) but lots of cousins are gathering in the five other cottages.

Here is the inside of the cottage we're staying in.

Penelope Harrold and Clara Steen hanging out on the porch after a day of swimming.

Brother Tim and Sister-In-Law Sara came for an afternoon.

Clara still in her pajamas.
Jean Ferguson--my mom--documenting everything!