Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 7--April 28, 2014 Monday

The day the Bubbly Pool ate our boat key!

Today the key for our padlocked dinghy and padlocked big boat got ripped from John's velcroed pocket in the Bubbly Pool.  Things looked pretty bleak for a while.  We called the charter company and they decided to send a replacement key over on the ferry.  But the ferry doesn't come to East End Harbour---oh no, it comes to the other side of the island--Great Harbour.  So we were to hire a cab to take us across the island to Great Harbour to meet the ferry--and we had to be there when the ferry lands or the boat captain would just simply turn around and leave with our key as he runs the return trip to Road Town.  Yikes!!  But some very wise sailor guys offered to help.  As it turns out these guys were very adept at breaking into padlocks drilling right through the key core as the lock was too tough for a hacksaw! 

So, it all ended well.  We called the charter folks back and told them to hold that rescue key and we celebrated by spending the rest of the day treating our new friends to many rounds of beer!  They were sailboat racers from MA--very interesting guys and lots of fun.

Sailing from Great Harbour (home of Foxy's) to East End Harbour (home of Foxy's Taboo and the Bubbly Pool!)--

Inside Foxy Taboo looking out at the dock.  Sometimes it's just hard to believe these scenes are real.  We did nothing to this picture--it just looks like this!

And this is the Bubbly Pool.  The Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean along this shore and the swells crash in to make this Bubbly Pool.  Little did John suspect that the crash would rip off his hat, his regular glasses and his sun glasses!  We found the hat floating around but the glasses proved more of a challenge.  The other folks there helped feel around on the sandy bottom for the glasses.  John came up with the sunglasses and this nice guy stood guard by what felt like glasses under his feet until John dove down and brought up his prescription glasses!  Wow!  It was some time later that we realized that John's pocket full of change and our boat key was missing the change and the key.  The pocket was still velcroed shut and the bills were still in the pocket--the loose change and the key, however, were gone.

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