Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 2-- Cooper Island on Wed., April 23

Okay!  Now we've got a little bit of internet so I'm trying to get our blog caught up.  We definitely are thinking of all you folks at home.  On day two, we were thinking about GE and Rosemary Cooper as we did a short sail to Cooper Island!

We didn't go ashore, just cooked on board and chilled.  This means we didn't go get the official "Cooper Island" shirt like GE has.  Maybe next time.  The picture above is our first selfie of this trip.  We put the camera and little tripod on the cockpit table.  John is clicking the remote--hopefully we'll get better at the selfies!

Below is a picture of Rosemarie's salon--we thought you'd like to see it.  For a 34 foot sailboat, she is quite roomy and comfortable!

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