Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 11--May 2, 2014 Friday

Wow!  What a wonderful trip.  The pilot of the little Cessna flying us out of BVI said, "I've got just one question for you all.  Why are you leaving?"  Yeah?--that's the question!  We were tempted to deplane right then and live the "island life" forever.

Our day started with packing up our swimsuits and cleaning out the boat's icebox and cabinets.  The charter company advised folks to leave good food out on the salon table rather than throw it away.  Their boat-cleaning lady has lots of kids and appreciates the leftovers.  We tried to eat up everything, but were surprised there was so much left.  We met the cleaning lady and she was very pleased with our donation.  So glad we didn't have to throw out perfectly good food!

Conch Charters had their checkout lady come and lookover the boat.  She seemed okay with everything--we didn't break  or bend anything--except the padlock that we destroyed in the lost-key debacle. They didn't charge us for that padlock--nice.  Their divers will later go under the boat and take pictures of any dings or scars that looked bad.  If they find something, they'll let us know, but we were very gentle with their boat.  I'm sure they will find nothing.  Our checkout lady didn't think there would be a problem, so we left on a good note.  The office had already called a taxi to take us to the airport and it was waiting for us in the parking lot.

Taxi rides on Tortola are exciting experiences so we settled in for 30 minutes of wild riding through towns and alonegmountain cliffs.  We tried to video a short movie of the ride, but somehow it didn't work.  There were goats wondering all over the place in one little town.  It would have made a nice little video--sorry about that.  Here's one picture of the taxi barreling up a mountain road.

At the airport, clearing customs and immigration was easy enough.  Then we loaded up in a very cute little ten-seat Cessna with a blue fuselage decorated with tropical fish/conchs and pink wings!  Check this out:

We sat right behind the pilot and had a great view of everything.  Here are three pictures of Trellis Bay which is very near the runway.

Then we spied the site of our misadventure with the Bubbly Pool and the boat key.  This is Little Jost Van Dyke and the East End Harbour.  We couldn't see Foxy's Taboo or the Bubbly Pool, but we know they are there!

And looking through the windshield we could see the US Virgin Islands --either St. John or St. Thomas.

We deplaned in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

And, one last look at that cute little tropical plane.  Yea, Cape Air!

Now we are homeward bound, via Newark, New Jersey!

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